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Hi, this is Saya and I am from Coimbatore. I have completed BE in Electrical engineering from Chennai. Basically I am a Topper. I love Dancing. I am studying from Hostel since my sixth Grade. My parents cherished me with Love and lot of Hope. I spend my Weekends in my Cousin’s home as I studied in Chennai.  My Long term Goal is to establish a Marketing firm. My short term Goal is to pursue MBA in abroad. As soon as I completed my Graduation, I started taking GRE Coaching. The thing is one need at least 3 to 4 months to prepare well for GRE. Hence, I started my Coaching in last June and I took GRE by last October.


I chose eClass 120 program from GREedge, an eminent GRE Coaching Institute in Chennai. The duration of this course is 120 days and they take Live Online classes, Seminars, provide GRE Study materials, online resource for GRE Practice Test and so on. We had 2 Personal trainers to monitor our Day to day activities and Test performances. Our trainers made us to understand the Advanced GRE concepts and conducted lots of GRE Practice Tests.

GREedge offer various GRE Programs based on the Aspirant’s requirements. They provide Classroom as well as GRE Online Coaching. They also provide various offers for Selective GRE Prep Courses.



From the Diagnostic Test, We found that I need more concentration on Verbal and AWA section of GRE. Hence, my trainers conducted GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Test weekly once. They asked me to learn new words to develop my Vocabulary skills. They say Vocabulary is essential to crack the Verbal section of GRE.

GREedge provides Learning Tracker for GRE Aspirants which helps to practice GRE Questions effectively. It is a Web-book which consists of complete study materials, Online Lessons, Practice sessions and individual’s performance report. They also have Wordbot, a web application which helps to learn and retain GRE Words easily.

Other thing is, they also offer GRE Admission Counseling programs, by which one can have a clear Idea about Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, and Abroad Universities and so on.

Now with the perfect profile, I am waiting for GRE Admissions. The best thing about GREedge is Practice Test. They recommend aspirants to take enormous Practice. By taking Practice sessions and  GRE Mock Test, one can get the familiarity with Test software and one can increase the accuracy in answering questions.



Importance of GRE Vocabulary and Word List

One should have good vocabulary skills to score on the verbal section of the GRE general Test. If they haven’t got one, they should start learning the GRE Words List. A disciplined approach that will help you in learning is you should write down all words which they don’t know in a notebook as they do in the classroom training. Undergoing Practice tests will help in reinforcing the words that are being learned till now.

An another approach is to write down all the difficult words that you encounter and then search the meaning from the dictionary will  help you in learning new words. To score well on the verbal section, you should have a sound knowledge of the vocabulary and should know when and how to use those words. So, only by knowing the contextual usage of the words is a key to scoring well on the verbal section.



Memorizing the GRE Vocabulary lists isn’t the right way to improve your vocabulary. The best way is to read more and more challenging materials. However, if there are no enough months till you take the test, it is your advantage to learn more words before undergoing the test. Mostly memorization will be your only realistic option.

On undergoing a broad range of disciplines it prepares you for the wide range of reading comprehension topics that you will get on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and  MCAT, which improves your vocabulary as well.

It is a very good practice to memorize and understand the meaning of every word in English, which would be surely agreed on solving the GRE questions.

I had come across the web application called WordBot which will help the GRE aspirants to learn the GRE Words easily.  This app challenges your Vocabulary as well as your spelling skills. Learn new words to enrich your Vocabulary with the help of Mnemonics, Pictures, Audios, Word analysis and other Practice sessions.

Join GREedge to get Excellent GRE Online Coaching. Once you take a diagnostic test,they will provide you Course details based on your diagnostic test score and your educational background. An aspirant can take classroom training as well as GRE Preparation Online.They also offer you GRE Admission Counseling to make you clear about the Abroad universities and its prerequisites. They provide you book materials and access to Online portal like Wordbot for better learning.

To read more about Aspirant’s feedback and suggestions, visit: GREedge Admission Counseling Reviews


GRE Test Prep with Last Minute GRE Course

Are you planning to take GRE by February? Started your GRE Test Prep? It is beneficial to start your preparation 4 months prior to the exam date. GRE Preparation is fruitful if you understand 4 Magic words. They are Plan Do Check and Act.

Plan- Make a customized Study plan based on your Diagnostic Test results.

Do- Start your GRE Test Preparation based on your Study plan.

Check- Take GRE Practice Tests regularly to self-evaluate your performances.

Act- Take the actual GRE Test with confidence.

Here is a useful course called Last Minute GRE Prep course, offered by GREedge to Practice, revise and roll back all the GRE Concepts in 15 days. Read more..


What are the application requirements for UTD?

You would definitely be looking for GRE and TOEFL score requirements. If you’re looking to pursue your MS at UTD, you must have an average GRE Verbal score of 149 and GRE Quant score of 161. The safe GRE score in total would be 310. For this you should look for online GRE prep courses which have GRE verbal practice test and GRE Maths Practice Test. However there can be variations for individual scores.

Also an average undergraduate GPA of 3.4. An IELTS score of 6.5 and TOEFL score of above 80 is needed. While a good GRE score is a must, many students tend to settle for a score that is actually less than 310. Do not do this. People get confused with how to prepare for GRE. Online GRE Prep can help you get the target score that you want. With accurate GRE math practice tests and GRE verbal practice test, you can reach the target GRE score for UTD. UTD has two types of fee structure like other universities. On an average, a student from the state of Texas would have to pay $11,940 as fees and out-of-state students would have to pay $22,282.

Which is the good season, Spring or Fall to get admission? Can you please elaborate more?

There is no good season per se. It depends on your convenience and the programs offered during a particular intake. Therefore, it is essential for you to do your homework before you decide on the intake season. Not many colleges offer a spring intake, and the chances of getting scholarships are higher in the Fall intake. Also, since the courses are less, there is high competition for admits during the spring intake. It also depends on the time you have left to prepare for GRE exam syllabus, figuring out How to Prepare for GRE, and finding the right set of GRE study guides. Therefore, take a call after analyzing your profile, and keeping these points in mind.

I did a project under a scientist in 2011 for 2 months; can I take LOR from her?

If the project was relevant to the program that you are looking to apply for, by all means consider getting an LOR from her. A strong LOR is one that validates what you have written about yourself in your SOP, by someone who has closely worked with you. Along with an LOR, focus on getting a good GRE score. That can be done analyzing how to prepare for GRE. Focus on a lot of GRE math practice tests and paying special attention to the weak areas. What would work best would be online GRE preparation. GRE prep courses that provide you with proper GRE study guides will angel in disguise. That will get you accustomed to the section-wise adaptive environment. A convincing SOP will be like the icing on the cake!

What is Fall and Spring ?

Fall and Spring are two admission intakes in a year for most universities. The Fall semester starts in August while the Spring semester starts in January. Usually, students tend to apply for Fall rather than Spring due to larger class sizes and better funding options. Irrespective of your target admissions season, biggest task is always to figure out how to prepare for GRE. You must begin your online GRE preparation at least 6 months in advance to your target university deadlines. This will ensure that you get enough time to complete your GRE prep courses thoroughly and also have sufficient time to collate and process your university applications. You must plan such that you can get enough GRE Verbal and Quant Practice. Taking a lot of GRE Math practice tests and try avoiding Free GRE Practice Tests because of the authenticity of the tests and accuracy of the test cannot be commented on.

GRE Online Prep with GREedge

GREedge, an esteemed Institute for GRE Online Coaching is located at Chennai. They provide different types of Courses based aspirant’s convenience. The Major modules of GREedge are GRE Guidance based modules, Teaching based modules and Admission Counseling Modules. If you are interested you can take a 5 day free trial on full length GRE Preparation Online.

The Student Facilitators of GREedge will be with you throughout the Course module. They provide you tips for Verbal and Quant part of GRE. They supervise your performance and provide you feedbacks and Study plan based on your test performance.

Free Trial Module includes:

GRE Admission Counseling Sessions

GRE Diagnostic Test

Learning and Practice classes

Individual feedback about the classes and trainer

Live Seminars

System Requirements for GRE Online Preparation:

Pentium 4 processor or a processor with 256MB RAM

Internet Access

Windows XP or higher version

Upgraded versions of Firefox, IE and Google chrome.

Please find the Interesting FAQs about GRE:

How to improve or maximize marks in vocab and quant?

Improving your performance in Verbal and Quant depends entirely on the extent of your GRE Quant Syllabus and GRE Verbal Practice. However, it’s not just about the quantity of practice. You must follow a specific online GRE Preparation strategy based on your strengths and problem areas. This means that you must clearly demarcate sections within GRE Quant syllabus and GRE Verbal Practice tests and find questions of various difficulty levels for that topic. For GRE Math Practice, ensure that you also try different variations to a particular concept and get a better conceptual understanding. TO master GRE Vocab, you must have a strong grasp on at least 1500-2000 words. This will help you differentiate between answer choices in TC & SE. You can learn words using a number of techniques like mnemonics, visual word learning, root words etc.

Is GRE only for MS or also MBA?

You can use your GRE scores to apply for both an MS and an MBA degree at top engineering universities as well B schools. Choosing the right form of standardized test for you depends on your skill set. If you find difficulties with Quantitative Reasoning in general or you are worried about Grammar, then you can choose to do GRE because the GRE Quant section is considered to be easier. There is also lesser emphasis on Grammar and more on Vocab, so even if you aren’t very confident about your Verbal, these are skills that can be picked up easily with targeted GRE Verbal Practice.

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GRE A-Z Pocket Guide

We are discussing about GRE test preparation  and some vital frequently asked questions.

Hope it will be useful for you.

Many people asks me the difference between fellowships & Scholarships.

How to apply for fellowships? Here is the Solution.

To understand what is the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship, first we need to understand what is meant by a grant. Grant is the amount of money that is provided for a prescribed purpose. This is the term that is commonly used to define scholarships and fellowships. Scholarship is nothing but a grant that is provided to reduce the cost of tuition. Fellowship is nothing but a grant that is provided as a support for the student to perform any research activity in a particular field. This research activity need not necessarily be part of the course curriculum. You can read more about different Scholarship programs and how to get 100% scholarship here.
When can we apply for On campus jobs, TS & RA? Can we apply even before we get into the University?

Yes, you can apply for Research and Teaching Assistantships while applying to the universities. The university application form has a separate column through which you can apply directly. Though not all the universities allow you to select RA and TA, some universities have that option. After getting an admit, universities tell you how you should apply for part time jobs.

What’s the difference between SOP & application essays in terms of content?

The application essay gives ample scope to express your personal interest and abilities whereas in the Statement of Purpose (SOP) you have to talk about your passion for the course and how that particular university will help you in achieving that. SOP is more centered towards your career and requires you to substantiate your arguments with valid reasons. Preparing personal statement will want you to tell a fascinating story by rationally putting facts together and acuteness that makes you stand out as an individual.

Is it possible for Spring Students to finish MS Course along with Fall Students?

It is quite possible but you will have to take up a lot of courses in order to complete your MS with your fall counterparts if you’re a spring student. Apart from that you will have check whether the University of your choice allows you to take up more credits in one single semester for the specialization you’re looking for. While there are universities offering 1-1.5 year duration of courses but they’re extremely rare. We would suggest you take up courses for the respective admission season and not try to compete with anyone of the alternate admission season.

Essential GRE FAQ’s

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an Graduation-Eligibility test for Admissions in Abroad nations U.S.

GRE is under the control of  Educational Testing Service.

GRE aims to assess Verbal abilities, Quantitative abilities, Analytical writing, and Critical thinking skills.

The GRE General Test is computer-based test monitored by recognized training academies.

Learning for the Test  is not the  easy thing.

A student can Achieve his desired level only he spend more time for GRE.

One should undergo GRE training in authorized GRE Training centres.

Currently, Training centres are offering Online GRE  preparation.

Note:  Check out the below FAQ’s for your Exam Preparations and References.

How long does it take to write an SOP and LOR? Does it have to be customized according to University?

SOP and LOR are very important aspects of your admission & application process. Hence you need to spend a considerable amount of time perfecting it. A good SOP can make your profile standout whereas a poorly written SOP can destroy your chances of getting admits from top universities. Lots of variations in the SOP draft need to be made to find the perfect one. Continuous proofreading and changing it accordingly will consume a lot of time. We suggest you to spend at least 15 days to 1 month preparing and drafting the SOP. As for LOR, it helps in validating all the claims that you state in your SOP. It helps the admission committee in forming good first impressions upon going through your profile. Make sure you get your LOR from a professor/HOD/Team Lead who knows you well and can elaborate on your virtues. The LOR generally remains the same for most universities. While some universities might ask for a customized SOP, others might not. You have to make the SOP specific to the specialization you want to take up. Please look the university website to finalize on any details regarding the SOP drafting like word limit, specific pattern if any, etc.
What is AWA section? Why is it needed?

AWA section or Analytical Writing Assessment is a section of GRE that is scored out of 6 with 0.5 point increment. While your AWA sectional score doesn’t add any value to your overall GRE score, it is considered by admission committees of universities during application shortlisting process. You need to check whether the University of your Choice has a cut off specified for AWA or not but in general a score of 3.5 and above is treated as a good AWA score. AWA score is important as it helps the admission committee understand your analytical skills and logical ability to put forward a sound reasoning, voice your opinion about a topic and backing it up with evidence. It also helps in portraying your ability to successfully critique a notion provided.

How many Words should we master every day if I have to finish my GRE preparations in 2 months?

In order to finish your GRE preparations in 2 months, you should try learning and mastering 40-50 words a day. Use picture mnemonics, audio pronunciations, synonyms/antonyms, word roots and usage in a sentence. Take as many practice tests as possible and use the newly learnt words in sentences while conversing with people. A month later you can increasing the word learning capacity to 45 words a day.

What all do I need to do to get full funding for my MS in US?

Full-funding or full-ride scholarships are no longer a myth. But there are some things you need to get right in order to receive 100% scholarships. First of all try to score high in GRE and TOEFL (or IELTS). Apart from that: A very well written Statement of Purpose, a well drafted Letter of recommendation from your professor/HOD/ Team Lead or manager extolling your virtues and shedding light on all of your strengths. Building profile is very important and essential for securing full-funding from universities. Take part in as many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as possible, be associated with social organizations and do some volunteer work that can portray the leadership skills you have. Try to publish some papers and scientific journals. If you have completed graduation, then you can take up courses from coursera, edX and further your learning. In short this will help you make a strong resume that will be noticed when you are considered for a scholarship. Further you may read the blog “100% Scholarship and How to achieve it”.

When is the right time to take GRE test for a second year student & how to ensure we get top University Admits?

Since you’re in second year, this is the perfect time to prepare and appear for GRE. You have quite some time to build your profile and work on areas you can improve thus making your resume stronger. Moreover GRE score is valid for a period of 5 years, so you can take your GRE now and then continue your bachelors. After you’re done with bachelors you can use the same GRE score card to apply to the University of your Choice. As for achieving top admits, you need a high GRE score along with a good profile. Being in the second year you have a great chance of building your profile as mentioned above. Take part in co-curricular activities like symposiums, debates, MUNs(Model United Nations), webinars, guest lectures and tech fests as well as extra-curricular activities like participating in cultural fests, getting associated with an NGO or any other social work. Apart from that take your internships and projects seriously, be proactive in tasks related to your area of interest, try to get some papers and scientific journals published.

Gre Prep Courses Online-Queries and Solution

GRE is a Online Test conducted for the Students who are willing to join MIS OR MEM degree.

For GRE Test one should undergo Training in Authorized GRE Centre or one can do Online Gre Prep.

Suppose If you are from Electronics background but your  job is related to IT, You are confused about MIS and MEM,right?

MEM offers specializations in business aspects also such as marketing, finance along with core engineering subjects. These core engineering subjects are not limited to software or information systems but are spread over a wide variety of streams such as Industrial engineering. Unlike MEM, MIS is more focused on electives pertaining to IT. After completion of MEM degree you can look forward to a career in business consulting and analysis for any engineering project. A degree in MIS provides you the opportunity to work as systems engineer, data/system analysts etc. Since you’ve a background in electronics and you’re currently pursuing an IT related job, you could go for either depending upon your strengths in the specified fields, your interests and finally what direction you want to take your career forward.

How to build a strong Profile?

Profile is one of the most important aspects in any GRE aspirants’ admission and application process. Hence building a good profile is of utmost necessity. Profile building means to add as many achievements to your profile as you can. They can be co-curricular or extra-curricular activities as long as they add weightage to the profile and justify your choice during the application and the admission process. The process of profile building is a lengthy one, so you have to start early. Attend as many symposiums and conferences as you can, take part in intra/inter-college cultural and technical festivals, participate in events like MUN (Model United Nations) and other social activities that showcase the leadership skills you have. If you are intrinsically associated with organizations like C.R.Y that would definitely be a plus point for you and differentiate your profile from others. If you have already completed your bachelors then you can go for online courses from edX or Coursera and associate yourself with social organizations or NGOs over the weekends.

Is it true that Spring students might face issues in placements?

By the time campus placements start, spring applicants complete two semesters while the fall applicants would’ve completed 3. This one semester advantage not only helps them to build up academically but also in terms of profile and resume building. It is true that fall counterparts enjoy more benefits when it comes to job opportunities but with smart work and picking up a few extra courses each semester/semester break you can offset this disadvantage.

Is 320 an ambitious score for Engineering Management from Duke?

Duke University’s official application website as listed here: states that they don’t have/ require a minimum GRE score. However to be on the safe side we would suggest you to get a GRE score of: 320 and above. Kindly note that GMAT scores are not accepted and can’t be used as a replacement for GRE scores.